A Genealogist’s 6 Steps to Killer New Year’s Resolutions

From my earliest days, I’ve been known to literally drool over a good, juicy New Year’s resolution. Yes, this is me drooling. Many years ago on January 1, 1976, I made a New Year’s resolution that got me started doing genealogy. I was a new  mom and it was the Bicentennial year. Tracing my family history seemed a good way to celebrate both events. And at the time, I thought my goal was pretty simple – learn more about myRead more

The Genealogist’s Genealogist

Everyone needs a mentor. I’ve been blessed to have several amazing ones including the late James Dent Walker from the National Archives. I was introduced to “Jimmy”, as he was known to friends, in 1977 when I wasn’t having any luck with my application to DAR – the National Society of the Daughters of the Revolution. No local chapter in my neck of the woods would invite me to become a member even though I had documented my eligibility. ThatRead more

My Genealogy Muse

My Aunt Clara was the first person I knew who was passionate about family history. In 1976, when I decided to start researching our family, I didn’t know where to start. Somewhere I read that you should start by talking with your oldest relative. At that point, it was my maternal great Aunt Clara who was 81 years old. Born Clarissa Mae Weaver on December 1, 1894 in Cleveland, Ohio, Aunt Clara grew into a strong, feisty woman with anRead more