Comment Policy

This is a public blog. Any comments you leave here can be seen and read by others. If there’s something you want to say and keep private, do not leave it in the comment section. With that said, I love comments and want to hear all that you’re willing to share.

This is also my blog. If a comment is offensive, it’s my policy to remove that comment at my discretion. On the reverse side of things, if I love a comment you post here, I reserve the right to reference that comment in my blog posts or on social media. If I learn something helpful from you, I like share it with my other readers.

So here are the simple rules of engagement on Extreme Ancestry:

Rule #1

As Grandma used to say, just plain – “Be nice”. While I realize that there may be times people feel passionately about something I post and want to voice their opinion, there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. Comments that are abusive, threatening, discriminatory or rude get removed by me – immediately.

Rule #2

Like many bloggers, I have a plug-in that catches 99% of spam headed this way (or at least most of the time). But every now and then, spam sneaks through with weird comments.

When I get that kind of spam, I disable the links and leave the comment in tact (as long as it follows Rule #1). If the spam continues, I block that person’s IP address.

Other than these two rules, I welcome all questions and feedback and invite you to comment as often as you want and  connect with other readers – and me. Feel free to also share your comments on social media.

Thanks for being a reader of Extreme Ancestry – and for being that special someone who takes time to comment:)