Make Black History Personal

What I have learned over the years is that Black history is more than just looking up random facts one month out of the year. This blog series is my journey through family memories that intersect with the life and times of African-Americans in America.

My goal is simple – to make Black history personal. Through these articles here on Extreme Ancestry, I’ll share the recent history from my family – my experiences and those of my parents and grandparents. These stories would be lost to our family if I didn’t write them down here.

Me with my parents in 1951.
Me with my parents in 1951.

I hope you enjoy the stories linked below and let them inspire you to memorialize your family’s history and legacy for future generations.

Here’s what this challenge is all about. When you’re ready to browse my posts for 2014, here’s the list –

1. Civil Right Case Hits Close to Home

2. Migrating Up North for a Better Life

3. My Dad and the Amazing Lena Horne

4. Visiting History on the Rosa Parks Bus

5. The Negro Girl at School

6. First Black Woman to Be Elected Judge

7. Meeting My Hero Alex Haley

8. My Grandmother’s Role in World War I

9. Nobel Peace Prize Winner Ralph Bunche

10. Architect of the Harlem Renaissance

11. The Heart and Soul of a Motown Girl

12. Detroit’s Black Women Pioneers in Medicine

13. One Picture Worth a Thousand “N Words”

14. Three Generations of Women College Grads

15. A Story of Slavery in My Family

16. My Dad and the Detroit Race Riots

17. Grandma’s Dream Book and the Numbers

18. Uncle Freddie Goes to War

19. Meeting Opera Diva Leontyne Price

20. 1963 March with Dr. King in Detroit

21. Uril Franklin Hollis and the KKK

22. Meeting Obama

23. Our Royal Heritage

24. Cousins by Chance, Friends by Choice

25. Family History From the Inside Out




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