52 Ancestors: #9 The Alice Bangles

This post #9 in the 52 Ancestors blog challenge is about my great-grandmother who was a woman from the island of Bermuda named Alice Dickinson. I know she had at least three children – Frederick, Clarissa and Renee. Frederick was my maternal grandfather and he was born in Bermuda on December 12, 1889. Years later, he would honor his mother by naming two of his daughters after her. One was my mother, Alice Vivian. I don’t know if “Dickinson” wasRead more

52 Ancestors: #8 A Prince of a Man

In this 8th post of the 52 ancestors I’ll write about in 2014, the focus is my great-grandfather, Prince Albert Weaver. I’ve always wondered where he got that name. When he was born November 24, 1860, there was a more famous Prince Albert living, who was the beloved Prince Consort to England’s Queen Victoria. Maybe Great-Grandpa was named after him. My Prince Albert was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Nathaniel D. and Cornelia C. Weaver. But by the 1870 UnitedRead more

52 Ancestors: #6 Puritan Wife and Mother Hannah Littlefield Cloyes

For my 52 Ancestors post this week, I’d like to introduce you to Hannah Littlefield Cloyes, a Puritan wife and mother and my 9th great-grandmother on my maternal line. As with many of my women ancestors, especially in the 17th and 18th centuries, there is often no record of their lives beyond birth, marriage and death. That’s if you’re lucky (and persistent). I was – and I did discover these milestones for Hannah. Hannah was born 10 July 1633 inRead more

52 Ancestors: #5 What I Don’t Know About Grandpa Could Fill An Ocean

Participating in the 52 Ancestors 52 Weeks blog challenge has forced me to face one of the biggest brick walls in my family research – my immigrant grandfather, Frederick William James Dickinson from Bermuda. Grandpa is an enigma because there’s so much I don’t know about his early years and his ancestry. My ancestry. Because I have had a running streak of success researching other branches of my family tree, I’ve been guilty of putting Grandpa on the proverbial backRead more

52 Ancestors: #4 The First Nonagenarian I Ever Knew

non·a·ge·nar·i·an nänəjəˈne(ə)rēən,ˌnōnə-/ Noun. A person who is from 90 to 99 years old. My great-grandfather Francis Walton Batchelor lived into his nineties and is first nonagenarian I ever knew. Great-Grandpa was born in Harris County, Georgia in December 1869, the son of Luke Batchelor and Lucretia Lucky. He grew up and lived in Georgia and lived there for many years before migrating up North to Michigan. Through the years Great-Grandpa appears in the US census records under several names: Francis Walton WalternRead more