Getting the Skinny on Genealogy and Genetics

September 27, 2011 by  
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I haven’t gotten into the DNA side of my genealogy yet but it is a way to discover more detail about my African American family history that’s often hard to document, my European roots and maybe even the Native American ancestors Great Aunt Clara said we have.

As I get closer to the ordering that little kit that’s supposed to map out my genetic DNA, I wanted a little more info. So researcher that I am, I started poking around and found a great series of videos that explains a complicated scientific principle in a user-friendly (and kind of cute way). Here they are for you to watch at your leisure.  


If you liked this first videos, here are the links to the rest in the series:

Genetics 101, Part 2 – What are SNPs?

Genetics 101, Part 3 – Where do your genes come from?

Genetics 101, Part 4 – What is phenotype?

Are you planning to add genetic DNA testing to your genealogy toolkit?