The DNA of My Extreme Ancestry

One thing doing genealogy teaches you is that you are NEVER exactly who you THINK you are. For over 36 years, I’ve researched my roots. On my dad’s side of the family, my journey has taken me back through slavery and slave-owners in Georgia and North Carolina. But I’ve only been able to get back to great-great grandparents and not on every line.

I’ve had far more success researching my mother’s line which has taken me back to known ancestors from Bermuda, England, Scotland and Germany. As of now, there are some lines I’ve gotten back to medieval times in England!!

For years, I’ve thought about taking a DNA test but just got around to doing that recently. If you’re wondering what all the fuss is over DNA test in family research, here’s a video that explains it better than I ever could –

To get started, I sent for a DNA test from When it arrived, I filled the little vial with my saliva (apparently a rich source of DNA) and waited about 5 weeks to get my results. Here they are (and who I am) –

54 % West African

34 % British Isles

7 % Scandinavian

5 % Uncertain

Like many BLACK people in the USA, I knew my genealogy was mixed. And I specifically knew that I had many ancestors from England and Scotland. But the Scandinavian link was a complete surprise!

Apparently the DNA test shows your lineage back hundreds, even a thousand years. None of the modern day Scandinavian countries were around then. So, according to, the results show that I have Viking ancestry. Go figure.












Did a Viking really wander through my family tree??

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3 responses to The DNA of My Extreme Ancestry

  1. Hakan Karlsson says:

    Very interesting! So we are not only friends, we are relatives too! 7%. Great! Welcome to visit our common heritage in Scandinavia. /Hakan

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