Military Monday – Veteran’s Day Family Roll Call

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I have never served in the military. But on this Veteran’s Day, I’m proud to honor ancestors and family members who have given service in this country since the earliest days of the American colonies. They fought for land, political power, freedom and sometimes just sheer survival.

Although I might not have agreed with their methods and strategies, the ongoing commitment of people in my  family, ultimately contributed to the freedoms I enjoy today, including being able to sit down and rant away every now and then on this blog.

So here’s my family’s military roll call. Mind you – this is a list in progress as part of my ongoing genealogy research. Thank you for your service, one and all –

King Phillip’s War

Joseph Petty, Massachusetts

French & Indian War

Edward Lee, Pennsylvania

John Petty, Massachusetts

Revolutionary War

Join or Die - A political cartoon by Benjamin Franklin
Join or Die – A political cartoon by Benjamin Franklin

Edward Lee, Pennsylvania

William Hood, Pennsylvania

Abel Scribner, New York

Abel Scribner Jr., New York

Reuben Frissel, Massachusetts

David Page, Massachusetts

John Cunnabell, Massachusetts

Samuel Cunnabell, Massachusetts

John Petty, Massachusetts

Joseph Petty, Massachusetts

Thomas Crafts, Sr., Massachusetts (Patriotic Service for helping with the Boston Tea Party)

John Hatley, Jr.,  North Carolina

War of 1812

William Hood, Pennsylvania

 Civil War

Andrew Coover Hood, Pennsylvania

 Korean War

Frederick Dickinson

Uncle Fred Dickinson
Uncle Freddie

 Recent Years

My cousins – Okpara Kelly, currently in the United States Navy; Susan Bates Hippen, Retired Command Master Chief in the United States Navy; and Navy veterans Yusan Beck, Liz Myers and Jose Arrango.

Happy Veteran’s Day to all of you who have bravely served our country and God Bless.

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